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LumieLabs, Britannica’s classroom video solution, harnesses students’ natural engagement with video and brings curriculum-relevant digital storytelling and project-based video assignments into schools. Students that use LumieLabs develop deeper content knowledge and increased subject-area comprehension and retention.

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Watch the teacher experience

Watch the teacher experience of assigning a curricula-relevant video project to students.

Watch the student experience

Watch the student experience of receiving a video project and creating a digital story.

“Learning through play is incredibly powerful, and playing around with video is fun for a lot of students. The desire to show off their creations is present in a lot of children, and video lets them make something that feels more worthwhile/successful. ”

Stuart Keen, Head of Department for ICT & Computer Sciences

What do the students from Sutton High School think?

We recently invited students from Sutton High School to try LumieLabs for themselves. watch the video to find out what they loved about it.