Britannica® E-books

Engender a love of reading non-fiction

Our ever-expanding collection of e-books helps engender a love of reading non-fiction among school children. Digital formats have been shown to be particularly useful for the tricky task of engaging boys with reading.

Britannica’s e-books can be accessed from any computer, tablet or mobile device, online or downloaded for offline use, enabling children easily to access material at school or at home.


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Subject-specific collections

E-books are conveniently grouped into collections for ease of access. Topics include science, social sciences and humanities. E-books are an excellent tool for extending learning beyond the classroom and expanding the breadth and depth of non-fiction resources available to children.

Resources for the early years and Key Stage 1

The Britannica Discovery Library is a delightful, illustrated 12-volume set of “concepts and values” e-books specifically created for those aged 3-6. It introduces a range of texts and genres, including rhymes, narratives, puzzles and riddles. To aid those teaching children to read, key vocabulary words are highlighted throughout and defined at the end of each book. The set is an ideal way to build languages, critical thinking and comprehension skills.


How can I download more information?

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What types of e-books are in Britannica’s E-book portal?

You will find an ever-expanding collection of texts that are appropriate for early childhood through academic level. Our non-fiction, informational texts cover languages, math, science, social sciences, sports, music, art and many other subjects.

How do I access Britannica E-books?

Britannica E-books can be accessed from the Britannica E-stax platform, where books can be browsed online or downloaded to use offline. Britannica E-books also work with other e-books platforms including Ebsco, Follett, Gale Cengage Learning, Mackin and Overdrive.

What special features are included on the Britannica E-stax platform?

The Britannica E-stax platform includes apps for PC/Mac, iPad and Android tablets to support offline reading, cross-searching across all the Britannica E-books that your institution has purchased, free downloadable MARC records and free printing.

Can an individual leave notes in an E-book?

Yes, all of the E-books on the Britannica E-stax platform allow readers to create personal notes and highlights on any page and/or bookmark any page. Set up and log in to your ‘My Folder’ account to save and access personal notes and bookmarks.

How will the Britannica team support my subscription?

Britannica provides a range of online resources to help with the uptake and use of its resources; links can be found here. Britannica provides regular online webinars for new and existing customers; you can book these here. In addition, for new customers, we organise customer-specific online training tailored to meet your school’s specific needs.