Britannica Pathways: Science

The award winning Britannica Pathways: Science provides 100 highly flexible lessons across 10 topic areas that help embed the scientific method.

When exploring through a Pathways lesson, students build up a body of key foundational knowledge and concepts while evaluating evidence, using scientific vocabulary, creating arguments and expressing how their ideas have developed through research.

Pathways delivers a variety of content formats from text to audio and video making it the ideal, flexible resource for supporting different types of learner.

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Secondary ready

Covering the key principles, foundations and concepts of science, Pathways is often used to help smooth the transition to secondary education.

Non-specialists who are teaching science will benefit from the fact Pathways has been built in partnership with science teachers, ensuring the content is not only accurate but also accessible and encourages the exploration of science.

Time efficiency

Teachers will benefit from reduced planning time and ready to use examples, the ability to track children’s progress and the flexible learning provided by Pathways.

Pathways is the perfect addition to schools’ STEM programmes.


How does Britannica Pathways: Science, support science curricula and teach students how to work scientifically?

Britannica Pathways: Science offers 100 highly flexible lessons in biology, chemistry and physics with valuable opportunities for students to make predictions using prior knowledge, analyse information, draw evidence-based conclusions, and write arguments to support their claims. Students use enquiry-based, interactive explorations to transform their misconceptions into true understanding. Teachers can track student answers and use the built-in assessment to best meet students’ needs.

How do teachers and pupils access Britannica Pathways: Science?

Both teachers and students can use their username and password to access Pathways: Science wherever they have access to the internet. We recommend putting a link on the website and/or on your school science page. Pathways: Science includes access from home so students and parents can work closely together.

Can I copy or reuse content in my own work?

All Britannica content is royalty-free and cleared for copyright on the condition that it is being used for an educational, non-commercial purpose. You may not remove or alter any copyright, trademark, service mark or other legends or proprietary notices.

How can we integrate Britannica Pathways: Science?

Because Pathways: Science uses a unique username and password for each user, no integration is necessary. Pathways: Science is also hosted on the Britannica servers and therefore accessible on any device, wherever you have access to the internet. For further technical support, please contact Britannica on +44 (0)20 7500 7800. This service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm UK time.

How will the Britannica team support my subscription?

Britannica provides a range of online resources to help with the uptake and use of its resources; links can be found here. Britannica provides regular online webinars for new and existing customers; you can book these here. In addition, for new customers, we organise customer-specific online training tailored to meet your school’s specific needs.