Designed to disrupt the status quo and shape a new future for classroom learning, with video!

LumieLabs, Britannica’s classroom video solution, harnesses students’ natural engagement with video and brings curriculum-relevant digital storytelling and project-based video assignments into schools.

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Promotes student collaboration

Focusesd on learning outcomes

Designed for classrooms

LumieLabs’ allows students to create stories, share them, and engage with their peers’ videos in a secure, controlled environment.

Multi-layered sharing permissions enable students, classrooms, and entire schools to host their videos within customized and secure walls, leave feedback, and promote upcoming content or events.

LumieLabs keeps learning outcomes at the forefront of classroom video creation. Simple editing tools and an unparalleled library of stock video footage allow students to focus on digital story creation and associated outcomes of that learning.

Digital story creation outcomes include: learning story structure, demonstrating content-area understanding, engaging with media literacy skills, and becoming more savvy communicators.

As the only video product on the market specifically designed to meet K-12 learning objectives, LumieLabs allows teachers to weave digital storytelling projects into the subject-area content they are already teaching.

Curriculum-relevant video projects, searchable by curriculum, grade band, and subject, were developed by curriculum experts to include  learning objectives and outcomes.