We’re a team of real people, driven to help improve learning all over the world.

At Britannica we have a team of professionals dedicated to bringing great learning resources to students all over the world, however we’re not just a faceless corporation providing a digital learning resource.

Over the next few months we’ll be looking at our whole team; to start we’ll be looking at our Business Development Managers – the ones who guide us in our mission. Below are brief biographies of the management team, and in coming weeks we’ll be focusing on them individually.


Caroline Kennard – International Business Development Director
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I`m motivated by the idea that every child can learn and has the right to an education.  I believe students learn best when they are a part of the educational process and feel safe while learning.  They should enjoy the process and exercise some power of control, at least to some extent, over their educational experience.  Giving children control of their learning makes the process more particular and meaningful, lasting and hopefully impactful.  Children should be encouraged to voice their opinions in a democratic spirit and considered manner.

I live and breathe this philosophy into my work as the International Business Development Director for Britannica. I have considerable experience in driving forward transformational change from a Ministry level down to the grassroots. Markets can differ and structures can vary, but ultimately education is education! I am lucky enough to have worked in exciting times and been part of the global transition from physical books to this wonderful world of digital – I successfully made the transition online professionally just as our markets opened up to the possibilities of new methods of dissemination, and this in turn now means new ways for students to study and teachers to instruct. The new learning platforms are the platforms upon which we are building the resources of the future and it’s a privilege to be involved

I`m highly motivated to make change and success. Change takes time, with transformation in education taking time to achieve, but with the right team and a good strategy successful outcomes are possible. I follow very simple rules and deploy the support, structure and a sound educational product in line with my client’s needs.

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Emma Cork – Head of UK Sales
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“I have been working in Educational sales for twenty years. My journey began at Nelson Thornes as a Sales Representative covering the South of London, this required the skills of a Black Cab driver! To this day I can negotiate the streets of the Capital like no one else!

Since Nelson Thornes I have worked at Granada Learning, The Guardian, and Pearson Education selling digital content into schools as a Business Development Manger

I now manage the UK Team at Britannica Digital. We work with schools across the country using a consultative sales approach, priding ourselves in understanding the needs of schools.

In a 5 year period Britannica has seen a growth of 90% within the UK Market, securing Bolton LA, Northumberland LA, all Welsh Secondary schools, 60% of the Top 200 Independent schools and growing at a very fast pace as schools can see the necessity for what Britannica can provide.

I come from a sporty background. My oldest son plays football in the Premier League and I play Netball in the Surrey League and play tennis for Downs Tennis Club in Belmont.”