British Science week is here, (9-18th March) so our Curriculum Specialists have put together a set of lesson activities for you to use in the classroom. We’ll be putting several up in the coming days so keep an eye out for them. Kicking off is “Parts of the Body” for KS1

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Learning Outcome: To know the names of the main parts of the body.

Success Criteria:

  • To know the parts of the body
  • To independently find out information about the parts of the body


Intro : Ask the pupils….

  • Name as many body parts as they can and share them with their talking partners
  • Show pupils the above image and ask them to name each body part – you should label each part as they go along

Main Teaching and Tasks:

  • Read and show this article to the class to help them develop their understanding
  • Ask pupils:
    • Why do we need a skeleton?
    • What does it protect?
  • Label the diagram of the skeleton above with the correct names for each body part with the pupils
    • Lower ability should be able to label: elbow, foot, knee, head, neck, leg and arm
    • Higher ability should be able to label shoulder, chest, ankle and stomach

Extension Task:

  • Ask your pupils to use Britannica School to find out more about the body parts that they have been learning about.


  • Encourage the students to play “Simon Says” with parts of the body.

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