At Britannica, we’ve always championed the power of knowledge and the tools that help disseminate it.

Our partnership with the Discovery Trust is a testament to this ethos. In our latest video, educators and students from the Trust share their experiences and the benefits they’ve reaped from Britannica’s educational platform.

From quick links to current learning to adaptive texts that cater to varying reading levels, Britannica stands out as a valuable ally for both teachers and students.

Below is a script extract from the video to give you a glimpse into the enriching narrative:

At Discovery, a strong emphasis is placed on ensuring that the curriculum offers a rich reading experience for pupils.

The integration of tools, such as Britannica, within platforms like Microsoft’s reading progress, has been pivotal in enhancing reading outcomes. What stands out is the quality of texts and how Britannica is aiding in improving the reading journey.

For instance, Britannica education presents texts across three different levels, ensuring inclusivity and independent learning.

Teachers find this particularly helpful, as do students who can engage with texts, such as learning about the heart, and get immediate feedback on their reading proficiency.

But what is Britannica education? It’s a cross-curricular resource updated every 20 minutes by an expert team. All information is cited, copyright-free, and vouched for by trusted entities like the BBC and the Guardian.

The platform’s array of tools, from read-aloud functions to translations in over 100 languages, facilitates a comprehensive learning experience.

Our call to action is clear: Dive deep into the video to witness the transformative impact of Britannica. For those eager to discuss how Britannica can support and amplify learning experiences, our doors (and inboxes) are always open.

Reach out and let’s collaborate to shape a brighter, knowledge-rich future for our students.