Welcome to the first of our brand new Activities series, designed to give you and your teachers ideas and resources for the classroom.  This discusses alternative energy sources and links to our brand new LaunchPacks resource that you can look around for free.


Students will read about, and compare and contrast, alternative sources of energy. Students will also write about how these energy sources can impact their environment / community


What alternative energy sources could you use in your school? Where are old energy sources being used in your town, and how would you change them?  Explore energy with your students in this exercise for secondary school students. We’ve got you covered with science classroom strategies, activities, resources, and graphic organisers.

Suggested Resources:

LaunchPacks Science: Alternative Sources of Energy

Graphic Organiser: Reason-Claim-Evidence II

Suggested Questions:

How will these alternative sources of energy help the environment in your community?

In what other ways can switching to alternative sources of energy help your local community?

Do you think switching to alternative sources of energy will be a positive or a negative and why?

Possible Extension Activity: 

Illustrate or make a model of your town with the new sources of energy in place.


We’ll be posting these regularly, so make sure you come back for more classroom activities.

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