Do you want to be part of the growing Britannica Digital Learning team?

We are currently recruiting for a Curriculum Specialist Trainer, responsible for leading Britannica’s knowledge of primary and secondary school educator needs.

The Curriculum Specialist Trainer is responsible for leading Britannica’s knowledge of schools across EMEA, private and public and educator needs and how Britannica Digital Learning products fulfill those needs. The primary responsibility of this role will be to demonstrate and sell to educators and school administrators how and why Britannica Digital Learning products help them succeed.

Below are some details of the role, and if you would like more information or to discuss further then please contact us using the below details

Teniel Pillai – HR Director
[email protected]

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct product presentations to school and library prospects. These presentations will be via online webinars or in-person.
  • Collections, public webinars and conference presentations.
  • Respond to non-technical customer product questions and needs in a timely fashion, in collaboration with the Sales Representatives.
  • Support Sales Representatives in their understanding of how the Britannica product line connects to and supports educators and students on a day to day basis.
  • Have deep knowledge and understanding of Britannica resources, including new features/product changes (and the rationale behind new features/changes) that can be used to support Sales Representatives, customers and potential customers as they strive to understand how products apply in various educational situations.
  • Assist Professional Development team with customer requests for customised implementations and customer training efforts that require a curriculum-focus and customer ‘interventions’ (to increase program use) when necessary.
    Record feedback and recommendations to improve products (from customers and sales team) and share as required and appropriate.
  • Delivery of customised training
  • Supporting the production of collateral materials (printable how-tos, powerpoints, video tutorials, etc.)
  • Coordinating registration of regularly scheduled Web-based training sessions
  • Keeping detailed data from all trainings
  • Introduce new products to current subscribers through the training process
  • Develop lesson plans, activities, and resources to support educational trends, curriculum, and best practices
  • Tracking usage data, managing target accounts in SalesForce

Role Requirements

  • Teaching qualification and a minimum of 3 years’ experience in education are required.
  • Knowledge of educational technology (i.e., integrated search systems, library automation systems, and interactive whiteboards)
  • Computer literacy (Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
  • A willingness to learn and teach others.
  • Must be an engaging presenter, able to facilitate groups of educators at all levels and communicate through use of educational vocabulary.
  • Familiarity with curricula (UK and International) and multiple types of assessments are also required.
  • Willingness to travel, both Internationally and within the UK.