As over 90% of the world’s students suddenly shift from classroom learning to virtual lessons in the midst of COVID-19, providing resources that keep students and teachers connected is our highest priority.

This simple 3-step framework was built by Britannica’s team of expert consultants and former teachers to support connection and continuity as you transition classroom lessons to virtual and student-driven experiences.

Each Virtual Learning Starter Activity includes ready-to-use sets of instruction and questions that you can apply to any subject or topic area to build critical skills. 

You can use these activities with LaunchPacks, which Britannica has made free to schools around the world. 

If you haven’t already signed up for free Britannica LaunchPacks access during COVID-19 school closures, CLICK HERE to sign up and discover the variety of resources being offered for primary and secondary students, as well as college and university students.

Resources for Teachers

Use Britannica's simple, 3-step process

Jamie Perris, Britannica Curriculum Project Manager and Education Consultant, walks through the following 3 steps to help you incorporate LaunchPacks and Virtual Learning Starter Activities into your lesson plan.

Let's get started...and keep it simple!

STEP 1: Choose a Pack

First things first…What’s a Pack? Packs are pre-packaged bundles of multimedia resources aligned to core topics covered in the K-12 science and social studies curriculum and differentiated for different learning levels. Choose a Pack to support your social studies and science learning targets by conducting a quick search in the top right corner of the LaunchPacks Social Studies or LaunchPacks Science home page.

STEP 2: Choose an Activity

Click on the starter activities below to download differentiated, ready-to-use sets of instructions and question sets. The question sets are designed to foster critical skills, such as reading comprehension, making predictions, and understanding perspectives.

Grades 3 – 5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

STEP 3: Assign to Students

Assign your activity to students using your e-learning platform, including Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or your LMS that integrate with curriculum-focused LaunchPacks content. Watch how Courtney, one of our former science teachers, uses Google Classroom to assign LaunchPacks lessons.