Introducing Arterra Picture Library: 51,007 new reasons to love ImageQuest

View over the Vosges mountains, Alsace, France. (Photo by: Arterra/UIG)

Britannica ImageQuest—the academic image library that provides access to millions of rights-cleared images from a single trusted source—adds another 50,000+ images to its already massive inventory.

We’ve added another round of new acquisitions to ImageQuest, bringing the site’s total count to 3,343,516 images and 63 collections (but who’s counting?).

This update of 51,007 files includes additions to four existing collections—including seven files added to the Graphic Factory clip art collection by customer request—and one brand new collection.

NEW! Explore the natural world with Arterra

Belgium-based Arterra Picture Library joins the ImageQuest portfolio with an initial 9,000-plus images. Arterra documents the natural world and our environment through the contributions of renowned specialist photographers.

Arterra’s contributors provide us with stunning content covering geographical and travel locations; fauna and flora; and environmental science. This expansive collections includes Latin names for the fauna and flora species as well as specific details on the locations covered.

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The following additions have also been made to existing ImageQuest collections (figures are approximate):

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