Gruppo Spaggiari Parma is an Italian family company in its fourth generation which has been working in education since 1926.

Over the years, it has become a point of convergence for a number of major companies, each a leader in their own sector, adding specific knowledge in any school-related topic and issue. Being the main service provider for Italian schools, Gruppo Spaggiari Parma provides outstanding quality services that cover the needs of the school community as a whole and have created a totally integrated school ecosystem to link contents, relationships, software, platforms and products. is the most visited website linked to schooling in Italy (data supplied by, with almost 800,000 users a day, increasing 30% year on year.

Britannica, both stand-alone and built into Gruppo Spaggiari Parma platforms, offers trusted, accurate, objective and complete information, making it the ideal partner to help schools in the learning process and to implent the CLIL learning system.