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Britannica® ImageQuest™
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  • Access to nearly 3 million images
  • Over 50 of the world’s best and most respected image libraries
  • All images rights-cleared for educational use

Key features

World’s best image collections

  • The National Portrait Gallery of London
  • National Geographic
  • Science Photo Library
  • Getty Images and many more…

Rights-cleared for educational use

  • Use images for research, project work and presentations

Safe content

  • All images are editorially reviewed
  • Images are regularly checked by our editorial team

Comprehensive metadata

  • All images include caption, credit and copyright information
  • Keywords and additional links for each images

I think it is an excellent database of images and the entire service is very good. The search facility is excellent, searching is very easy and it appears all images have excellent keyword indexes.

Roscommon County Library