FAQs – Britannica® Library

1.  How will Britannica Library support library members?
A subscription to Britannica Library gives your members access to online resources which they can use to conduct research, complete school assignments, work on special projects or explore their unique interests.

2.  How do you cater for different reading and English-language abilities?
Users can choose from three learning levels — Junior, Student and Adult — and select a reading level that matches their ability. Users can adjust an article’s complexity while maintaining the age-appropriate look and format of the page.

3.  Do I need to be a member of my library to access Britannica Library?
Not necessarily. Britannica works with each library to set up internal and remote access, so it is best to check directly with your library. Signing up to your local library is usually free.

4.  Can I use Britannica Library from my personal computer or personal mobile device?
Britannica Library is available anywhere, on any device and adapts to fit your screen. Check with your local library to find out more about accessing remotely.

5.  Can I use Britannica Library from a school computer?
You may not access Britannica Library from within a school. The licence between a public library and Britannica is solely for use within a library or from a personal computer or mobile device and it is illegal to access Britannica Library from within a school environment. We offer an alternative product – Britannica® School – which is specifically designed for schools and has additional features such as lesson planning, teaching resources and classroom activities. Find out more about Britannica School here.

6.  How can we integrate Britannica Library?
A subscription to Britannica Library allows for access from the library and at home. Britannica will work with your library to find the best access solution. For further technical support, please contact Britannica on +44 (0)20 7500 7800. This service is available Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm UK time.

7.  Can I copy or reuse content in my own work?
All Britannica content is royalty-free and cleared for copyright on the condition that it is being used for an educational, non-commercial purpose. You may not remove or alter any copyright, trademark, service mark or other legends or proprietary notices.

8.  How will the Britannica team support my subscription?
Britannica provides a range of online resources to help with the uptake and use of its resources; links can be found here. Britannica provides regular online webinars for new and existing customers; you can book these here. In addition, for new customers, we organise customer-specific online training tailored to meet your school’s specific needs.

For any further questions, or to find out more about subscribing, contact us at enqbol@britannica.co.uk or +44 (0)20 7500 7800.