Britannica Library

Britannica® Library,
developed specifically
for public libraries

  • Engaging content that is editorially checked, fully cited and regularly updated
  • Each user can save research in their personal ‘My Britannica’ account
  • 3 ages-appropriate levels for all reading levels and abilities

Ideal resource for public libraries

Use your library card

  • 24 hour access on a personal device using your library card

3 different interfaces

  • Junior, Student and Adult interfaces
  • Ages appropriate content
  • Taylor your research to your own abilities

Varied reading levels

  • 3 differentiated learning levels in each interface
  • Supports all ages and abilities

Multiple resources, one trusted site

  • Explore articles, multi-media, magazines and recommended websites
  • Built in Dictionary and Thesaurus

Britannica Library is clear and easy to use and increasingly has a good range of audio/visual tools which aid the learning process. I particularly like the interactive games in the Junior database as they are a fun way to encourage younger children to learn

Service Specialist: Information and Digital, Newcastle upon Tyne Libraries