Providing extra online learning resources and reliable tools for both students and teachers

Head of Languages, Mojca Poharc, at Šolski center Celje in Slovenia describes why they chose Britannica Academic as a digital learning resource for the institution.

What was the challenge?

Our students were able to use the school library and the internet for research resources, however we needed something more for them to use alongside this.

Not only that, but it was important that teachers had reliable tools and resources when preparing lessons and teaching.

Why Britannica?

When we were looking for a new resource, Britannica stood out and impressed us because of the proven quality and reliability of the articles. This set it apart from resources that our students and teachers were previously using, such as Wikipedia.

We received a great service from staff at Britannica throughout the whole process, and we appreciate all of the support that we received throughout acquiring this new resource. We look forwards to continuing to use Britannica at our institution going forwards